Immer Vorbei (Spring Mixtape)

Toshifumi Hinata, Chaconne / Broken Belief
Anno Luz, Porque
Negra Branca, O Espatelar Do Linho
Lucky Dragons, Music For No Reason
Ryuichi Sakamoto, A Rain Song / Dolphins
Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris, Prism
Anthony Child, Amoré
Música Esporádica, I Forgot The Shirts
Unknown, Untitled
Yas-Kaz, Jungle Book / Windscape
Roberto Mazza, Esperidi
Ghostwriters, Slow Blue In Horizontal
Forrest Fang, Arpeggiana
Piero Milesi, The Waterfall
Visible Cloaks, Vocal Study #1
Tarzana, Aerofoils In Heat / Private Scarab Club Reserve
Palmbomen II, Carina Sayles
Ghostwriters, Rococco Rondo
Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Slow Dance
Slagerij Van Kampen, Yueh Lung / Wakarimasen
Forrest Fang, The Luminous Crowd
Ishihonana, Satori En Madrid
Joe Tossini & Friends, Lady of Mine



Guilty Pleasures (Early Spring Light Mixtape)

Okay, we haven't been doing it since quite while, meaning posting properly dance tracks, a straight party like tape, but in fact we have been kind of discreetly playing some records on very special occasions, for beloved friends' parties and celebrations, and we have been thinking since then of posting a special mix of songs we've been dancing to recently, so here it is. Oh, yes it is, and it is full of love.

Gherasim Luca, Passionnément (Feat. Colleen)
Flavien Berger, Leviathan (excerpt)
Fatima Yamaha, Piayes Beach Bar and Grill
Studio OST, Bent Light
Juan Atkins, Starlight
Elektroids, Future Tone
Frank Ocean / Wolfgang Tillmans, Higgs
Monolake, Index
Holden, 10101
Avalon Emerson, Dystopian Daddy
The Other People Place, You Said You Want Me
Forma, Ghosts
Mark Pritchard, The Blinds Cage (Feat. Beans)
The Weeknd, ... The After Party (excerpt)
PartyNextDoor, Right Now
Drake, Doing it Wrong
Lupe Fiasco, Law (Feat. Simon Sayz)
Jeremih, Paris (Who Taugh You) (Feat. Ty Dolla Sign)
Migos, Slippery
ScHoolboy Q, Tookie Knows II (Feat. Traffic & TF)
Kevin Abstract, Leader
Björk, All is Full of Love (Guy Sigsworth Remix)



Anytime Angel (W 2017 MXTP)

Broadcast, You and me in Time
Shirley Collins, The Split Ash Tree
Jack Rose, Black Pearls
Mark Pritchard, You Wash My Soul (feat. Linda Perhacs)
Dedekind Cut, Untitled
Terry Riley, In the Summer
Keith Jarrett, Live in Torino, October 28, 1996, part 1 (exceprt)
Alice Coltrane, Walk with Me
Syrinx, December Angel (Demo)
Buckingham Nicks, That's Alright (Bass Vocal)



Border Palace (Winter Mixtape)

Bobb Trimble, If Words Were All I Had
Nora Guthrie, Home Before Dark
Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Color Of Anyhow
Lô Borges/Milton Nascimento, Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo
Fernando Falcão, 7º Cavaleiro
David Crosby, Orleans
Dave Morgan, Ill Wind
Ahmed Malek, Omar Gatlatou (alternative version)
Alejandro Jodorowsky, El Alma Nace en la Sangre
Akiko Yano, Futa
Forrest Fang, Peru
Vincenzo Zitello, Arcangelo Gabriele
Yas-Kaz, The Gate Of Breathing
Vladimir Cosma, Hypotension
Alexey Rybnikov, Flowers and Thunder
Domotic, Le Démon (Thème)
Robbie Basho, The Golden Medallion
Townes Van Zandt, Kathleen
Syrinx, Hollywood Dream Trip
Hamilton Yarns, All The Low Notes



Dark Suns (Solstice Mixtape)

Compiled in Morocco, edited in between lands, and mixed in Les Cévennes.

Sourat Yassine (recording: Paul Bowles)
Dead Can Dance, Spirit
Tangerine Dream, Dr Destructo
Alex Barnett, Dissociative Drift
William S. Burroughs, Apocalypse (excerpt)
The Masters Musicians of Jajouka, I Am Calling Out (L'Alta) (recording: Brian Jones)
Terry Riley, Happy Ending
Paul Bowles, The Garden
Biosphere, Chukhung
Bel Canto, Blank Sheets
Gnaoua de Abdenbi Binizi, Yumala
Robert Ashley, The Backyard
Fennesz + Sakamoto, Trace



Shining Light (In Advance of the Coming Winter Tape)

To C. 

Leonard Cohen, Viannel For Our Time
David Crosby and Graham Nash, To the Last Whale / Wind on the Water
Itasca, Bonafide
Steve Gunn, Ark
Arthur Russel, Planted a Thought
Sharon von Etten, Not Myself
Bruce Springsteen, New York City Serenade
Hiss Golden Messenger, Still Life Blues
Townes Vn Zandt, I'll be there In the Morning
From Indian Lakes, Come in this Light
Neil Young, Through my Sails
David Blue, The Times You've Come
Allen Ginsberg, America



Now You're Hanging on a Star (Cosmic Heroes Mixtape)

Here is another Autumn mixtape, that follows our previous one entitled When we were Lightining (you can download it here). Even if the two are posted separately, they were conceived in the meantime, both composed as a sort double mirror, and mixed live, with all the mistakes that go with it. They could be listened at one after each other - if you ever want to. These twin music selections are lying in between mourning and the celebration of life. Yes, they are dedicated to two beloved persons who disappeared, strangely, in the meantime: the first one is our ever admired friend, graphic designer Frédéric Teschner. The second one, to our dearest friend curator and writer Lionnel Gras. You are really gone too soon, friends. Please forgive us if this comes much too late. But don't make us wrong, these tapes are also - and as well if they were composed in memory of the loss - addressed to life, through all its dimensions. They are dedicated to the beloved ones that are still here and around with us, and to the ever lasting friendship (what's the difference, who can tell, in a way?). They are dedicated to You, the ones who will always be unconditionally loved. You will - well, hopefully - recognize yourselves. 


Jason Molina AKA Songs: Ohia, The Body Burned Away
Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn, Pretty Boy (Randy Newman)
Sharon Van Etten, Remembering Mountains (Karen Dalton)
Dave Bixby, Drug Song
Robbie Basho, Rocky Mountain Raga
Nick Drake, Hanging on a Star
Chris Cohen, Yesterday’s On My Mind
C Duncan, Novices
Kevin Morby, Dorothy
Car Seat Headrest, Cosmic Hero
Itasca, Carousel
Randy Newman, God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)
Bedhead, The Rest Of The Day


All The Low Notes (Autumn Mixtape)

Pizzicato Five, This Years Girl #4
David Bowie, Crystal Japan
Anenon, Petrol
Masahide Sakuma, V.F.V. (Dub)
Dionne & Bregent, Transit-Express
Colin Potter, Rooftops
Randomize, La Armonia De Las Esferas
Zann, Tatopani
Insanlar, Kime Ne
Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta, Nexus On The Beach
The KLF, Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border
Ahsak Maboul, Scratch Holiday
Man Parrish, Water Sport
Visible Cloaks (feat. Miyako Koda), Valve
Sugai Ken, Utsuo No Maigiri
Nini Raviolette & Hugo Weris, Slow
Paul Lansky, Word Color / Patterns Patterns
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek, Workshop For Modernity
Masahide Sakuma, Windows
Georg Deuter, Starlight
Bruce Langhorne, Windmill
Les Halles, Our Way In The Flowing Sand
Love Inc., Life's a Gas
Alvin Curran, Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico (part II)



After Laughter (Soul Special)

My obsession with Soul music deserved a post breaking the usual pace of my seasonal mixtapes. So, here it is: fifty five minutes of Soul for the summer.

The Isley Brothers, The Highways Of My Life
Connie Laverne, Can't Live Without You
Sonya Spence, Let Love Flow On
Sunny & The Sunliners, Should I Take You Home
Syl Johnson, Is It Because I'm Black
The Harvey Averne Dozen, You're No Good
Rita & The Tiaras, Gone With The Wind Is My Love
The Dramatics, Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Rivage, I Need You Baby
Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters, Hard Times
Alice Clark, Don't You Care
Jerry Washington, Don't Waste My Time
Pastor T.L. Barrett, Father Stretch My Hands
Minnie Riperton, Les Fleurs



When we were Lightning (Another Summer Mixtape)

Arthur Russell, Tower of Meaning (fragment)
Duane Pitre, Bayou Electric (fragment)
Wilson Tanner, Long Water 
Eno and Hyde, Cells and Bells
Broadcast, Tears in the Typing Pool (repost)
Linda Perhacs, Chimacum Rain (demo)
Marissa Nadler, Dissolve
Malicorne, Le Luneux
Alasdair Roberts, Plaint of Lapwing
Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Despair Is Criminal
Sean McCann, Language of Night
Tim Hecker, Transitive Refraction Axis for John Oswald
Jason Molina AKA Songs: Ohia, The Black Crow

Mixed in Rome, during the Full Moon Phase.



Erase and Replace (Summer Mixtape)

Mark Isham, Sympathy And Acknowledgement
Czeslaw Niemen, Loneliness Community
Elicoide, Mitosi
Basil Kirchin & Jack Nathan, New Born
Steve Kindler, Back Country
Akiko Yano, Funamachi Uta (Part I)
Michiko Akao, Prajna Paramita
Mu Project, Innocence
Masumi Hara, Kimi No Yume
Yousui Inoue, Pi Po Pa
Masayoshi Takanaka, Just Chuckle
Woo, Robots Dancing
Albert Giménez, Java
Toshifumi Hinata, In The Light
Ippu-Do, Alone / Never Mind
Yuji Ohno, Good Night Future Man
Kate Bush, In The Garden (demo)


Antico Non Legato (Spring Mixtape)

Litto Nebia, Bazar de los Milagros (feat. Daniel Homer & Mirtha Defilpo)
D-Day, Sweet Sultan
Eblen Macari, La Constelación de Pejelagarto (Bambuco)
Eitetsu Hayashi, カラビンカ (Karabinka)
Lino Capra Vaccina, Antico Adagio
Pep Llopis, Jardins Aquatics
Nesta Kerin Crain, Gongs In The Rain
Riccardo Sinigaglia, Riflessi
Masashi Kitamura + Phonogenix, The Final Autumn In Asia
Ippu-Do, Sorrow
Nuno Canavarro, Ven 5
Mark Almond, The Bay
Soft Machine, Carol Ann
Scott Fagan, Crying
Fleetwood Mac, Safe Harbour



Epimetheus Up Close (Winter mixtape)

Part. I

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Thousand Knives
The Roches, Hammond Song (feat. Robert Fripp)
The Cleaners From Venus, Wivenhoe Bells (II)
Epic Soundtracks, Jelly Babies
Piero Piccioni, Altre Inquisizioni
Quiet Sun, R.F.D.
Pascal Comelade, Fragments
Woo, A Wave
Bülent Ortaçgil, Yüzünü Dökme Küçük Kız
Broadcast, Tears In The Typing Pool (demo)
Aster Aweke, Esti Teyikulign
Milton Nascimiento, Francisco
Kim Jung Mi, The Sun
Mio Fou, カーニバル
Myriam Gendron, Threnody
The Halo Benders, Snowfall
Thomas F. Browne, It's Coming


Part. II

Joe Hisaishi, Into a Trance
Dominique Guiot, Les Emigrants De La Mer
Vangelis Katsoulis, The Slipping Beauty
David Cunningham, Blue River
Seigen Ono, Mallets
Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov, Abstract
Jac Berrocal, Rock'n'roll Station
Sister Irene O'Connor, Fire (Luke 12:49)
Uchronia, Amplified Balafon
Bitchin Bajas, Marimba
Weather Report, Adios
Guy Boyer & Guy Pedersen, Atlantide
The Gentle People, Superstar



Falling Stars (Waiting for the Winter Mixtape)

Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet, Loss (part 1)
Sun Araw, Curtis
Circuit des Yeux, Ride Blind
Circle, Koitto
Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang, Kidung
Panabrite, Disintegrating Landscape
Steve Hauschildt, Anesthesia
Richard Skelton, Bond That Does Not Break
Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson, Exodus
Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet, Loss (part 2)



Lachrymator Rex (Autumn Mixtape)

Pier Paolo Pasolini, Porcile (1969)

Asa Chang & Junray, Kutsu #3
Iury Lech, Barreras / LiuHong-Jun & Mayumi Miyata, 星空夜話
Dorothy Carter, Summer Rhapsody
Steffen Basho-Junghans, Smiling Penguins
Luis Pérez Ixoneztli, Ketzalkoatl Yauh Miktlan
Selda Bağcan, Niye Cattin Kaslarini
Ahmed Malek, Hawajez (Barriers)
Can, Dead Pigeon Suite
Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points, Mimoun Marhaba
Ariel Kalma, Chase Me Now
Steve Shehan, Arrows
Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart, 2amoutu I7tirakan
Jürgen Müller, Waterworld
Brian Eno & Harold Budd, Not Yet Remembered
Minimal Compact, Clock Bird
Gianni Ferrio, Una Farfalla Con Le Ali Insanguinante Soliloquio
Tsukasa Suzuki, Telephone Singer



Tomorrow's Achievements (Summer Mixtape)

Lena Platonos, To 9
The Android Sisters, Ray-Dee-Oh
Inoyama Land, Shüffer
Angklang, Das Versperchen
Motohiko Hamase, Pascal
Hiroshi Yoshimura, Water Copy
Babe Rainbow, Car Ambient #3
Toru Takemitsu, Vocalism
Haruomi Hosono, Mabui Dance #2
Tiziano Popoli & Marco Dalpane, Arabian Dream
Jean-Luc Ponty, Computer Incantations for World Peace
Jean-Pierre Decerf, Surrounding Seas
Alan Hawkshaw, Saturn Rings
Boredoms, Seadrum
Nuno Canavarro, Bruma
Thomas Almqvist, Coral Reef
Can Am Des Puig, The Cauldron of Regeneration
Junior Loves/Scientific Dreamz of U, Ignacio's Daydream



Clear Skies Pure Hearts Red Eyes (Another Spring Compilation)

Clear Skies Pure Hearts Red Eyes

Here is a new Spring compilation we had the pleasure to curate for our dearest friends of Rock This Town (RTT), music programers based in Geneva that represent some of the finest amateurs of refined musical rarities in Calvin City. We would like thank them for having invited us to select the eighth installment of their very nice guest playlists series. 

"Today it is the third or fourth day of spring and I am sitting at the Place Clichy in full sunshine. Today, sitting here in the sun, I tell you it doesn’t matter a damn whether the world is going to the dogs or not; it doesn’t matter whether the world is right or wrong, good or bad. It is -- and that suffices." 

Henry Miller, Black Spring

Bruce Langhorne, Spring

John Martyn, Go Easy
Bob Dylan, Only a Hobo
Mike Gangloff, Snowbird
Steve Gunn, Drifter
Sun Kil Moon, Dogs
Gary Higgins, It Didn't Take Too Long
Weyes Blood, February Skies
Real Estate, Past Lives
Baden Powell, Violao Vadio
Norberto Lobo, Fran
Smog, Four Hearts In A Can
Glen Hansard, White Sulfur
Robbie Basho, Lament For the Earth
Appendix Out, Drinking Milk Again
Stag Hare, To Coyoto To Hop
Mariah, 心臓の扉
Amen Dunes, Love
Panda Bear, Tropic of Cancer
Arthur Russell, Close My Eyes
Peter Walker, Spring



The Sun

John Coltrane + Alice Coltrane, The Sun
Harold Budd + Ruben Garcia + Daniel Lentz, La Muchacha De Los Sueños Dorados
Paul Bley, Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
Erik Satie, Gnossienne N. 04
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bolerish
Aksak Maboul, Chanter est Sain

Clark, Strength Through Fragility
Drake, Madonna
Arca, Held Apart
Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica
Pierre Boulez, Piano Sonata 3 Formant 2: Trope: 3. Parenthèse
John Cage, In a Landscape

Drawing by Fernand Deligny

Download  here


A Hundred Blades (Spring Mixtape)

"In the dark shadows", Serenace, 1968

Rajie, キリンのいる風景
Mariah, 少年 / 視線
Yasuaki Shimizu, Music for Commercials (excerpts)
The Four Sisters, ウーマクカマデー
Testpattern, Friday
Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo, Malabar Hotel... Roof Garden... Revel Attack
Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Reincarnation / Chaos / Primordial Germination
Peter Baumann, Phase by Phase
Brian Eno & Jon Hassel, Rising Thermal 14 16' N; 32 28' E
Anonymous Mandigo Song (Liberia)
Don Cherry, Utopia and Visions
Pharoah Sanders, Kazuko (Peace Child)